Religious tourist

A journey through religions and their cultures.


Hello again! So, I’m finally making some progress with this book thing of mine. I’ve decided to write a prologue just to outline where I was before this project started, … Continue reading

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An announcement

Dear friends, foes, knees and toes.   It may have become obvious to you, as savvy readers, that my output has been somewhat non-existent over the last few months. Well, … Continue reading

April 29, 2014 · 1 Comment

Knock and run – part two

Rolling my sleeves up had a twofold effect, firstly it showed my Witnessing friend that I meant business, (although in a cartoon Popeye-esque fashion) and secondly, it revealed my Darwin … Continue reading

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Knock and Run – Part 1

*Knock Knock* In my head that’s how this religion was going to begin, with a simple knocking at my door. Like Field of Dreams I’d built it and now I … Continue reading

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As I was flippantly rattling off the Religions I would be living over the next year, Paul listened with interest. He may be a Christian, but he is also religious … Continue reading

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Green man and a love note to nature

As I watched the Wicker Man burst into flames, illuminating 12,000 worn but innocent and spritely faces, I thought of the wishes and hopes people had written and hung inside … Continue reading

September 25, 2013 · 8 Comments

Countdown to Eid

Celebrating Eid with a cake, a shave and a fornicate; I readied myself for the colossal sigh of relief to release itself from my lungs and ricochet triumphantly around the … Continue reading

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