Religious tourist

A journey through religions and their cultures.


Predictability being the last refuge of the unimaginative, Christianity will be my first port of call.

The last time I counted there were over 38,000 different denominations of Christianity, and by counted I of course mean the last time I checked Wikipedia. Some say Wikipedia isn’t authoritative, and they’d be right. But if you could be arsed to count that many of anything you’re a better chap then me, I only have 20 fingers and toes and they have more important things to be doing.

The plan is to narrow this wide spectrum down to a single road. As this is my first religion and I have grown accustomed to living my life without too many rules to follow I don’t want to shock the system too much. A Christian who can drink, fornicate and stay up past 11pm is the kind if Christian I want to be. While I am not the greatest achiever in the fornicating department, it’s nice to have the choice if such an opportunity were to arise. You can take that last statement as my personal add. I also like long walks and sleeping in on a Sunday.

Reducing 38,000 to 1 is no easy task and is probably even out of Carol Vorderman’s league, but I’m an optimist. Such a task would certainly involve a lot of research, a lot of questions and a lot of personal soul searching. In other words, a lot of work.


Instead, I will let the Church talk to me, through the medium of neon signs and puns. On my commute to my place of work each day, I pass a Church who’s leader seems to feel puns are the greatest way to draw in the flock. With such stellar attempts as “Know Jesus, Know Peace. No Jesus, No Peace” and “The Bible is the only Sat-Nav for life’s journey” I was going to be hard pushed to find any better spokesman for God and the Bible.

With just one week until I start my journey I should really do a bit of reading. Having no idea of what I’m letting myself in for is only amusing until you actually have to do that thing. So off I go.


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